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What are the branches of medial circumflex femoral artery?

What are the branches of medial circumflex femoral artery?


  • The ascending branch.
  • The descending branch descends beneath the adductor brevis, to supply it and the adductor magnus; the continuation of the vessel passes backward and divides into superficial, deep, and acetabular branches. The superficial branch. The deep branch. The acetabular branch.

What is the lateral circumflex femoral artery?

The lateral circumflex femoral artery is a branch of the profunda femoris that arises from its lateral aspect just after the medial circumflex femoral artery. While the medial circumflex runs posteriorly around the femoral neck, the lateral circumflex courses laterally from its origin and anterior to the femoral neck.

Where is the lateral femoral circumflex artery?

upper thigh
The lateral circumflex femoral artery, also known as the lateral femoral circumflex artery, or the external circumflex artery, is an artery in the upper thigh.

What does the medial circumflex femoral artery supply?

The medial circumflex femoral artery usually arises from the deep femoral artery. It supplies the supplies adductors and hamstring group as well as sciatic nerve and femoral head and neck through anastomosis. In current study includes 342 dissected hemipelvis to clarify the origin of medial circumflex femoral artery.

What is a circumflex artery?

The circumflex artery branches off the left coronary artery and encircles the heart muscle. This artery supplies blood to the outer side and back of the heart.

Which muscle is supplied by the medial circumflex artery?

The medial femoral circumflex artery is the primary source of blood supply to the femoral head….Medial circumflex femoral artery.

Origin Deep femoral artery
Supply Thigh adductors, gracilis muscle, obturator externus muscle, hamstring muscles, sciatic nerve, neck and head of femur

What is the largest branch of the lateral femoral circumflex artery?

The main function of the lateral circumflex femoral artery is to supply blood to the hip joint, knee joint, parts of the femur, quadriceps femoris, tensor fasciae latae, as well as skin of the anterolateral aspect of the thigh….Lateral circumflex femoral artery.

Origin Deep femoral artery
Branches Ascending, descending and transverse branches

Which of the following arteries give rise to the lateral femoral circumflex artery?

The deep femoral artery gives rise to medial and lateral circumflex arteries that supply the femur and hip region before it dives deep into the thigh compartment and terminates as perforating deep tissue branches.

What two muscles does the medial femoral circumflex artery pass between as it drives posteriorly?

The medial femoral circumflex branch runs medially and posteriorly, initially passing between the tendon of iliopsoas muscle and the pectineus muscle.

Is circumflex artery serious?

In less than half of people, it may also supply blood to the sinoatrial nodal artery. With anomalous coronary arteries, the circumflex artery or others may be deformed at birth. Such a defect can present a great danger to the child (especially if taking part in aerobic sports) as it can increase risk for heart failure.

Is the circumflex artery a main artery?

Like all other tissues in the body, the heart muscle needs oxygen-rich blood to function, and oxygen-depleted blood must be carried away. The coronary arteries consist of two main arteries: the right and left coronary arteries, and their two branches, the circumflex artery and the left anterior descending artery.

Which artery gives perforating branches?

The perforating branch is sometimes enlarged, and takes the place of the dorsalis pedis artery.