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Is VMK ever coming back?

Is VMK ever coming back?

MyVMK was a down-to-the-texture copy of VMK. Disney may have pulled the plug on VMK, and likely will never go back on that choice, but its legacy lives on. So, if the pandemic is making you feel a little nostalgic and lonely, pop by MyVMK (and follow their Twitter account) to make new memories to go with the old ones.

What was the Disney online game?

Virtual Magic Kingdom, also known as VMK, was a massively multiplayer online game by Disney, created as part of the Happiest Homecoming on Earth promotion, in celebration of Disneyland’s 50th anniversary. The beta version was released on May 23, 2005.

When did MyVMK open?

We started back in 2013 as a fun project trying to bring back the magic for those who missed it, and since then we have continued to grow and expand! In MyVMK you can play minigames, build rooms, talk to other players, and just about anything you could want to do!

Why did vmk shut down?

On Thanksgiving weekend of 2008, suspicion arose when emails from VMK’s server were sent out saying they were testing the player’s account. These emails were proved to be false. Ultimately, these actions had no effect, and VMK was shut down as scheduled.

What does vmk stand for?


Acronym Definition
VMK Virtual Magic Kingdom (online game)
VMK Volume Master Key
VMK Vehicle-Mount Kit
VMK Verlag für Marketing und Kommunikation (Germany)

Is Disney a LOL?

On the web, the Disney LOL portal ( is a uniquely Disney digital experience that features interactive Disney videos, games, memes, GIFs, micro-interactives, jokes, trivia, polls, and more. Users can browse by character or collection, or dive right into the newest Mickey Shorts Season Three videos.

When did vmk shut down?

May 21, 2008
On April 7, 2008, Disney announced that VMK would close on May 21, 2008, at 1:00 AM EST. Immediately after the press release, changes were made to prevent the creation of any new accounts.

What is full form of WMK?


Acronym Definition
WMK William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice (New York, NY)
WMK Water Monitoring Kit (space travel)
WMK Weapons of Mass Killing
WMK Waste Management of Kentucky (Louisville, KY)

Is LOL Disney safe?

With all three Disney experiences, safety is the top priority. The apps and website only serve age-appropriate content and provide a safe experience for users of all ages. Disney LOL, Mickey Video, and are all free to download and access, but are (or will soon be) supported with advertising.

Does Disney own Nintendo?

BREAKING NEWS – Disney buys Nintendo for Six Billion [Update]

Why was vmk shut down?

What does WM stand for in SAP?

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