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Is Emily Bennett Real?

Is Emily Bennett Real?

Emily Bennett was a witch who had known Katherine Pierce and served as her handmaiden in 1864. She is an ancestor of Bonnie Bennett and is the one who contacted her through a seance and also by possessing her….

Emily Bennett
Biographical Information
Born 19th Century
Died 1864
Status Deceased

Why does Damon want Emily’s necklace?

The crystal was created at the request of Damon Salvatore, who promised to protect Emily’s descendants, if, in exchange, she would save Katherine Pierce’s life by protecting her from being killed in Mystic Falls’ vampire round-up.

Who did Bonnie Bennett really love?

Refusing to unleash a monster, Bonnie went into hiding with Lorenzo St. John. Over the course of three years, they developed a romantic relationship.

How is Lucy Bennett related to Bonnie?

Lucy Bennett was a witch and a distant cousin of Bonnie Bennett through her mother.

Who killed Meredith?

The mystery of the Mystic Falls serial killer was finally solved, resulting in one of the most shocking moments in the series’ history. Alaric was the one killing off the council members. He killed Meredith’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend, Caroline’s father, and ironically, he nearly killed himself.

Why did Elena and Katherine have the same dream?

In Original Sin, Elena and Katherine discover that they have been having the same dream about Stefan, which they believed to be a psychic connection to him, however this was later discovered to be the doing of the powerful Witch, Qetsiyah, to lure them (specifically Katherine; as she had the Cure inside her) to her …

What necklace does Stefan give Elena?

Esther’s Talisman is a silver necklace which was created by Ayana, being passed down to her mentee, Esther.

Who kills Enzo?

Although Enzo has died more than once throughout the series, with Stefan playing a direct role during his second and third death, it is in Season 8 Episode 11, “You Made a Choice to Be Good” that Stefan kills Enzo for good, right when he is on the brink of happiness with Bonnie Bennet (Kat Graham).

Who does Rebekah end up with?

Although Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) was granted her happy ending with Marcel Gerard, the details of her being able to take ‘the cure’ and live a mortal life with Marcel were a little baffling.

Why did Katherine want the moonstone?

In Masquerade, Stefan correctly guessed at the party that Katherine originally stole the moonstone from someone else, and that the original owner was the reason why she faked her death in 1864, and why she bartered the moonstone to George Lockwood in exchange for her freedom.

Is Katherine a witch?

Katherine was born a witch but her father forbade her and her family from practicing magic (specifically Traveller Magic). When she turned into a vampire, as Ermahgerd vampires! To recap, Katherine is most definitely a witch, unless she loses her connection to her powers by becoming a vampire.

Who kidnapped Elena?

Elena is then kidnapped in season 2 by vampires Rose and Trevor, who are following orders to bring this Petrova doppelganger to The Originals in exchange for their eternal freedom.