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How old is Maria Kanellis?

How old is Maria Kanellis?

39 years (February 25, 1982)
Maria Kanellis/Age

What year did Maria Kanellis debut?

As part of the 2008 WWE supplemental draft, Maria was drafted to the SmackDown brand. She made her debut on the August 1 episode of SmackDown by defeating Victoria.

Where is Maria Kanellis from?

Ottawa, IL
Maria Kanellis/Place of birth

Who is Maria Kanellis husband?

Mike Bennettm. 2014
Maria Kanellis/Husband

Was Maria Kanellis pregnant?

Maria Kanellis’ pregnancy storyline Back in July 2019, Maria Kanellis shocked the WWE Universe when she revealed her pregnancy during a Mixed Tag Team Match against Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Later in September, Maria again shocked the world when the wrestler hinted that Mike wasn’t the father of her child.

How tall is Maria Kanellis?

5′ 7″
Maria Kanellis/Height

What is Maria Kanellis real name?

Mary Louis Kanellis
Maria Kanellis/Full name

Who got Maria Kanellis pregnant?

Earlier this year on WWE TV, Maria Kanellis announced that she was pregnant with her second child. However, she revealed that her husband Mike was not “man enough” to father the baby. Over the next few weeks, Maria said that the father of her baby was Ricochet and then Rusev.

How tall is Torrie Wilson?

5′ 9″
Torrie Wilson/Height

How old is Mickie?

42 years (August 31, 1979)
Mickie James/Age

Was Maria Kanellis actually pregnant?

It may have seemed like Maria Kanellis announcing that she was pregnant was just an excuse to get out of Becky Lynch’s reach on Raw, but turns out it was the genuine article: The Slammy Award-winning Superstar confirmed on Instagram that she is, in fact, expecting her second child. Tough as a Mother.

How Old Is Stacy Keibler?

41 years (October 14, 1979)
Stacy Keibler/Age

Who is Maria Kanellis and what is her real name?

Mary Louis Kanellis-Bennett (born February 25, 1982) is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, model and singer currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maria Kanellis on the Raw brand, where she is a former WWE 24/7 Champion.

How many siblings does Maria Kanellis have in WWE?

She is also the first ever pregnant champion in WWE history. Kanellis was born in Ottawa, Illinois. She has Greek origins. She has two younger siblings; a brother and sister named Bill and Janny, respectively. Kanellis grew up with an interest in playing sports, particularly volleyball, basketball, and softball.

When did Maria Kanellis first appear on TV?

In 2004 Maria made her first of many television appearances when she was a contestant on the reality series Outback Jack. Soon after she tried out for the WWE Diva Search and placed fifth out of thousands of contestants.

Who is Maria Kanellis husband in Impact Wrestling?

On January 5, 2016, during Impact Wrestling’s premiere on Pop TV, Maria made her debut as a heel introducing her husband as “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. In February, Maria began a feud with Gail Kim after Kim refused Maria’s help to make her go “mainstream”.