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How do I contact the Minister of Defence?

How do I contact the Minister of Defence?

Contact Details

  1. Address: Room No 234 – South Block, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi.
  2. Phone No: 011-23019474.
  3. Fax:
  4. Social Media:
  5. Website:

Who is CEO Ministry of Defence?

stephen PD – CEO – Ministry of Defence India | LinkedIn.

Who is the Minister of State for Defence?

Rajnath Singh (Minister)
Ministry of Defence/Officeholders

Where is the Ministry of Defence based?

Whitehall City

Ministry of Defence Main Building
Type Government office
Address Whitehall City of Westminster SW1A 2HB
Town or city London
Country United Kingdom

Who is responsible for Defence of India?

The Government of India is responsible for ensuring the defence of India and every part thereof. The Supreme Command of the Armed Forces vests in the President. The responsibility for national defence rests with the Cabinet.

Who controls the Indian army?

The President of India
The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Armed Forces are under the management of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the Government of India.

Who is Defence officer?

Officers are the leaders of the Defence Force. They’re the ones who can take control of a situation, command people and resources efficiently and make the necessary calls under pressure. They’re driven, ambitious and passionate about what they do.

Who controls the UK armed forces?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
The Commander-in-Chief of the military is the British monarch, currently Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, while the British Prime Minister maintains de facto authority. The Ministry of Defense was formed in 1964 to oversee the administration of Britain’s armed forces.

What do Ministry of Defence police do?

The MDP’s primary responsibilities are to provide armed security and counter terrorism services to designated high-risk areas, as well as uniformed policing and limited investigative services to Ministry of Defence property, personnel, and installations throughout the United Kingdom.

Who is the youngest CM in India?

Zoramthanga (b. 13 July 1944) of Mizoram is the oldest serving Chief Minister, while Arunachal Pradesh’s Pema Khandu (b. 21 August 1979) is the youngest Chief Minister.

Who is the first lady prime minister of India?

Indira Gandhi. listen); née Nehru; 19 November 1917 – 31 October 1984) was an Indian politician and a central figure of the Indian National Congress. She was the 3rd prime minister of India and was also the first and, to date, only female prime minister of India.

Where to find contact directory of Ministry of Defence?

Find the contact directory of Ministry of Defence. Information about the wings/division of the Ministry, name of the contact person, office telephone number, office address, email id, etc. is available.

Who is the current Defence Minister of India?

Currently, Rajnath Singh is the Defence Minister of India, and also the Cabinet Minister under the Modi Government. But his Childhood is not so good, as he was born in Bhabhaura village, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in a Poor Family of a Farmer and his Father & Mother both are engaged in Farmworks.

Who is the head of the Ministry of Defence?

The responsibility for national defence rests with the Cabinet. This is discharged through the Ministry of Defence, which provides the policy framework and wherewithal to the Armed Forces to discharge their responsibilities in the context of the defence of the country.The Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister) is the head of the Ministry of Defence.

Who is the ceremonial commander in chief of the Indian Armed Forces?

The President of India is the ceremonial commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the country. The Ministry of Defence provides policy framework and resources to the armed forces to discharge their responsibility in the context of the defence of the country.