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Did Dally help save the children from the burning church?

Did Dally help save the children from the burning church?

After Johnny and Ponyboy have been hiding for a few days, Dally comes to check on them. He takes the boys to get food and fills them in on news of their fight with the Socs. They hear faint yelling from inside, and it is at this time that Ponyboy and Johnny go into the burning church to save the children.

Did Dally help in the church fire?

The teacher tells him that his back caught on fire and that the jacket he was wearing, which Dally lent him, saved his life. He says that Dally was burned but will probably be fine.

What did Dally bring with him to the church?

When Dally arrives at the church to check on Johnny and Ponyboy, he brings with him news of all the events that have transpired since the two boys left town. The first news he has is a letter for Ponyboy from his brother Sodapop. Finally, Dally has one last piece of news for the two boys.

What does Dally give to Ponyboy when he comes to the church?

What does Dally give to Ponyboy when he comes to the church? A letter from Soda. Dally says the greasers have a spy on their side.

Why can’t Ponyboy accept Johnny’s death?

Ponyboy can’t accept Johnny’s death because he was too young. Also because he was still in shock. Dally wants to die because Johnny had passed and he lost someone he loved. Also Dally wanted to die because his father didn’t really care about him.

Why was Darry crying at the hospital?

When Pony looks at Darry he sees that he is crying. In that split second, Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care for him, that he was just trying too hard. After losing his parents, Darry fears losing another loved one. Cherry’s willingness to clue the greasers in on Soc activity shows her to be in a kind of limbo.

What is the breakfast rule in the Curtis house?

What is the house rule about breakfast? The first one awake makes breakfast and the rest of the two do the dishes. What do the Curtis boys like to eat for breakfast? Chocolate cake.

Why does Johnny go back to town?

He is tired of hiding out in the church, and thinks he has “a good chance of bein’ let off easy” because he doesn’t have a police record and he had acted in self-defense.

Did Ponyboy accept Johnny’s death?

Ponyboy simply can’t bring himself to believe and accept the fact that his friend is dead. Johnny dies at the end of chapter 9, and chapter 10 sees Ponyboy denying the fact that Johnny has just died.

What did Ponyboy say after Johnny died?

Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble: “Useless . . . fighting’s no good.” He asks to speak to Ponyboy, and, leaning over him, Johnny’s last words are “Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”

Why was Dally a hero in the Outsiders?

Dally is a hero at windrixville because he saved Johnny who was stuck in the burning church. He saved Johnny because he didn’t want Ponyboy to go back in the church and get more hurt or die. Also the jacket that he gave Ponyboy saved his life, “That jacket saved you from a bad burning, maybe saved your life.” (81).

How did Johnny save the kids in the outsider?

This quote from the book states Johnny saved kids from dying in a burning church“the door was blocked by flames, pushed open the window and tossed out the nearest kid.” (p.92) It shows that he saved kids from burning in a church. A hero helps others at any cost making people use them as an example of good stewardship.

What makes Ponyboy a hero in the Outsiders?

A hero is a person who would risk their lives and put themselves in danger to help anyone they can, and is a person who cares about more than themselves. Ponyboy was a hero for two things, Dallas for two as well and Darry for one reason. In “The Outsiders,” Ponyboy, Dally, and Darry are all heros for what they have all done.

What was the day of the week in the Outsiders?

The day of the week is not directly stated in S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders , but enough clues are given to make a reasonable inference. The book opens with Ponyboy walking home from the movies. He is attacked by the Socs, and no time frame is given for when this takes place.